Company Profile

Hebei Daohui Chemical Co., LTD

Hebei Daohui Chemical Co., LTD  focuses on the development and production of hydrides and acetone  derivatives. In China, our company is the only one enterprise that has  systematic research and production of series products of hydride, and we own a  large number of invention patents.
Our company has abundant technical force and establishes a high-level  technology team, including a number of old professors and senior engineers with  abundant basic theory, rich practical experience and strong research and  development capacity, as well as energetic and quick-thinking young and  middle-aged doctors and masters. To expand production scale, in 2012, our  company invests 100 million RMB to build a new factory in Hebei Province.
At present, our company produces series products of hydride, including  lithium tri-tert-butoxyaluminum hydride, lithium borohydride, zinc borohydride,  lithium triethylborohydride, lithium tri-sec-bulylborohydride, lithium  tri-si-amylborohydride, sodium aluminum hydride, aluminum hydride, vitride  solution, etc. Our company also produces acetone derivatives products, such as  diacetone alcohol etc.Our excellent product quality is well received by vast  customers both at home and abroad.
Our company believes reputation as basis, quality as root and service as  body. Welcome the cooperation and guidance from all over the world.

Product Center

  • 三仲丁基硼氢化锂
  • 三乙基硼氢化锂
  • 氢化铝钠
  • 红铝溶液
  • 氢化铝
  • 三戊基硼氢化锂
  • 硼氢化锂
  • 三叔丁氧基氢化铝锂
  • 二丙酮醇